Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01

A sporty jacket for a safe and stylish urban ride

Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 is a high-tech cycle jacket for the urban nomad.

The most innovative part of Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 is a wearable electronic system, which can be integrated into the jacket. Its main lightning application focuses on improved visibility and security in the dark.

The system includes LEDs, sensors, a switch to turn it on/off and a rechargeable battery. It is flexible like textiles and encapsulated, so it is safe, moisture resistant and adapted for cleaning. The jacket also reacts to body movements and directional changes of its wearer via sensors.

The system is ultrathin and is fastened on the lining of the jacket facing towards the outer layer. The light function of the jacket becomes visible in translucid display areas in front and in the back, allowing the light to be seen on the surface oft the jacket. The lining can be buttoned out to access and handle the system easily.

Utope developed this cutting edge wearable electronic system in cooperation with Fraunhofer IZM/ stretchable circuits in Berlin.

In addition to its focus on safety Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 is designed for ease of movement, following the needs of an active and mobile wearer.
It is front zipped and close fitting, with raglan sleeves, a high collar and a long cut back. As all our jackets it features a zone of highly stretchable Lycra inserted under the arms to improve mobility. Two internal zipped breast pockets are easy to reach and a secure place to  keep valuables safe you need at hand regularly, i.e. a Smarthphone, an iPod, keys or a credit card.
Bionic lines create a dynamic look for Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01.

The main outer material is earth-khaki coloured ETA-proof organic cotton by Stotz. This material is inspired by military demands, therefore it has an incredible strenght and durability. As it is also highly water and wind repellent, it will keep you dry and comfortable in every condition. The light-grey coloured translucid display material is from Schoeller and it is stretchable, breathable and water repellent, what makes it a perfect cover layer for our system.
Lining includes a viscose fabric to slip into the jacket easily and a Schoeller soft-shell material in the back and under the arms for enhanced moisture controlling and breathability.

Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 is produced in Europe by Gysemans Clothing Group.

Sporty Supaheroe is awarded the Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best" 2013