Utope also offers to develop a customized design of the Smart Patch System
based on your specific needs

We offer a 3 step customization process:

1 Analysis

  • Clear identification of your needs in cooperation with us/ in a workshop
  • Estimate of costs

2 Customization

  • Definition of time schedule and goals
  • Technology advice
  • Customization of the Smart Patches according to the defined goals
  • Reviewing goals

3 Production

  • Production of the Smart Patches with our production partners
  • Supervision of production, coordination of suppliers and supply chain
  • Testing and certification
  • Delivery of the Smart Patches


What we can customize:

  • Size of the Smart Patch
  • Shape of the Smart Patch

  • Number of LEDS
  • Position of LEDS
  • Colour of LEDS

  • Type of sensor
  • Position of sensor
  • Number of sensors

  • Number of Smart Patches connected to each other
  • Lenght of cables connecting the Smart Patches
  • Lenght of textile connecting cable for power supply

  • The preset light pattern/ the interaction between LEDS and sensors/ the software application

Please contact us for any details, if you are interested to customize the Utope Smart Patch System for your product