Properties and Advantages

The Utope Smart Patch System features unique and technically mature properties and advantages:

1. It is soft and flexible

Stretchability is a key factor for the integration of electronics into clothing.
Besides being comfortable to wear, flexible electronics stay intact.
Non-flexible electronics would easily be broken by the movements of the human body,
and they would eventually damage the fabric.


Utope Smart Patch System
is as flexible as fabric

It provides a thin and soft solution
to integrate electronics into textile products


2. It is moisture resistant


Utope Smart Patch System is resistant to liquids (water/ sweat/ rain)

The electronic components are encapsulated
in PU

This feature is a precondition
for allowing washability


3. It is safe

If electronics are worn on the body, their safety is essential for the wearer.
Therefore, the following protective features are integrated into the system:


The system includes a smart fuse
and a reverse polarity protection
to prevent short circuits and overheating

It is embedded in a flame resistant non-woven material

LEDS, sensors and controller modules are encapsulated. Therefore, the system is moisture resistant and safe to touch

Any electrostatic charges arising in textiles
do not affect the system

A protective water repellent outer layer
keeps off any external liquids

The system is CE approved


4. The system is modular and can be customized individually


This system has a modular design,
consisting of Smart Patches,
which can operate individually
or can connect to each other

The software of the system allows controlling
and individually defining the application

Therefore, it is possible to customize the system
according to a desired application